Celon Office Turbinoplasty

Nasal obstruction can cause numerous problems including difficulty breathing through the nose, snoring and constant feeling of congestion and stuffiness. While there are numerous causes for this problem, one simple problem is an inflammation of the normal structures in the nose known as turbinates. Allergies, pollution and turbulent airflow are just a few ways that the nose can become inflamed. When the turbinates enlarge it makes it hard to breath through the nose. At LA CENTA we specialize in minimally invasive techniques to help improve nasal obstruction. the CELON in-office turbinate reduction is one very simple option to relieve chronic nasal obstruction. A small wand is placed in the nose after topical anesthetic and radio-frequency is used to ablate the inferior turbinate. This causes scar formation and a reduction in size. This procedure is simple, painless and takes only a few minutes to perform.

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