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A Voice That Rings True to You

Vocal surgery is an important part of helping transitioning individuals achieve a more congruent persona relative to how they view themselves on the inside. Gender-affirming voice surgery, also called vocal feminization surgery (VFS), alters pitch and tone so the voice takes on a more feminine quality.

Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery at LAENT

For many transgender patients, the sound of their voice can be a source of social discomfort or dysphoria. At the Los Angeles Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy, we offer vocal feminization surgery as part of our commitment to providing health services for those seeking gender-affirming care.

What is Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery?

Gender-affirming voice surgery is any procedure that modifies the voice so it better matches a patient's preferred gender expression. While many different surgical techniques exist, our Los Angeles vocal feminization surgery providers at LAENT have found the VFSRAC (Vocal Fold Shortening and Retrodisplacement of the Anterior Commissure) approach offers the most successful outcome.

VFS Q&A with Dr. Mendelsohn

Benefits of Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery

The VFSRAC technique is unique since it does not require cutting into the skin. Instead, endoscopic technology makes it possible to surgically alter the vocal cord size, thickness, and length through the mouth, which means no scars are left behind. Other VFS approaches only shorten the vocal folds without considering air flow and typically require larger incisions. Since VFSRAC does consider airflow, it yields a more natural-sounding voice with less damage to structures such as the larynx and surrounding vocal fold tissues.

Am I a candidate for Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery?

Any transgender patient experiencing dysphoria related to their voice may be considered for gender-confirming voice surgery in Los Angeles. Prime candidates are physically healthy and have realistic expectations and goals. Patients who smoke or engage in unhealthy lifestyle habits may risk a poor outcome.

Consultation and Preparation

The process begins with meeting our doctors to assess your vocal quality and range. They may ask pertinent questions about your gender transition, health history, and goals to determine whether gender-affirming vocal surgery such as vocal feminization surgery is an appropriate next step. If it is, you may need to temporarily discontinue certain medications like NSAIDs and herbal supplements and quit smoking if you use tobacco.


The VFSRAC procedure lasts 45 to 60 minutes. Once under general anesthesia, your surgeon will insert an advanced micro-endoscopic instrument through your mouth to access the vocal fold membrane and internal tissues. After making the necessary modifications, they close the internal incisions with tiny, permanent sutures approximately the thickness of a strand of hair.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

There can be some swelling, hoarseness, and discomfort during the earliest stage of VFSRAC recovery. Fourteen days of voice rest is necessary to allow the surgical site to heal. Your doctor may recommend starting voice exercises to enhance your vocal range and resonance. Within three to six months, most patients have a fully feminized voice that may continue to improve over the first year.

VFS Patient Highlight: Cearka Sun

Why choose LAENT?

We understand that transitioning patients may face obstacles in accessing quality medical care. At LAENT, we offer a safe, judgment-free environment for all, regardless of gender expression. Our experienced medical providers cater to patients from all walks of life, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care, no matter their reasons for pursuing ENT surgery.

Schedule Your Los Angeles, CA, Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery Consultation at LAENT Today

If you feel ready to take the next step toward cementing your gender identity with vocal feminization surgery Los Angeles residents are encouraged to contact us to schedule a consultation. We are invested in helping you attain a voice that reflects how you feel inside. Book your appointment today to book your private consultation to discuss your gender-affirming voice surgery options.

FAQs about Sialendoscopy

Is Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery painful?

The operation is not painful due to the general anesthetic. Post-operatively, hoarseness and swelling usually peak within the first two weeks before gradually subsiding.

Will my voice sound natural after Gender-affirming Voice Surgery?

The results sound very natural and will be virtually undetectable to anyone who does not know you have had surgery. Your starting vocal range, adherence to aftercare instructions, and the surgical approach all play a role in the final sound of the voice.

Is Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery safe? What are the risks?

Like all surgical procedures, voice surgery comes with risks, such as scar tissue formation, bleeding, sutures spitting, infection, and permanent changes in vocal quality. Following all pre-op and aftercare instructions will make complications less likely.

Is Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery permanent?

The results are considered permanent.

How much does Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery cost?

We understand the cost of gender-affirming care can be a barrier to some. We strive to offer reasonably affordable care to all that seek it. We accept over 100 insurance plans. Flex-pay options are available for the uninsured.

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