Dizziness Evaluation / Vestibular & Balance Function Test

When a person suffers from dizziness, a dizziness evaluation, also called a vestibular & balance function test can determine if illness or damage to the vestibular portion of the inner ear is the cause of the dizziness. Some of the evaluations that are often included are:

  • Electronystagmogram (EMG): tests the cooperation between eye movements, vision and the inner ear function using electrodes attached to the face.
  • Videonystagmography: is similar to the EMG, but uses infrared goggles to measure eye movements.
  • Posturography: tests postural control and the sensory, motor, and central processes to diagnose vestibular and neuromuscular disorders contributing to dizziness. These evaluations are carried out while the patient is standing.

BPPV: Treatment - Epley Maneuver

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