Sinus CT Imaging

Doctors use a variety of imaging technology including CT, MRI and PET scans to detect cancer, infections, and sinus abnormalities and choose a response for treatment.

Since each test has its own advantages, most patients will benefit from multiple imaging examinations to fully evaluate their individual condition. Your doctor will discuss the reasoning, results and potential implications of each procedure with you before any tests are completed.

In-Office CT Scanner & Sinus CT Imaging Treatment

Computed tomography, or CT, of the sinuses is a powerful diagnostic tool, creating cross-sectional and/or 3-D images of the paranasal sinuses. It is the most reliable imaging technique used to diagnose obstructions of the sinuses.

CT scanning for the sinuses uses X-rays in the imaging process, the same as other CT equipment. Primary uses of sinus CT imaging include diagnosis of sinusitis, detecting inflammatory diseases in the sinus area, evaluation of thickened sinus membranes and fluids, providing additional information to other diagnostic methods, and plotting treatment and surgery strategies by providing more information about the local anatomy.

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