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As one of the oldest and largest medical offices specializing in otolaryngology in Los Angeles, the doctors and team at Los Angeles Ear, Nose & Throat Associates are committed to your health and happiness. Our experienced ENT doctors and hearing specialists help patients with general ear, nose & throat issues, head and neck surgery, audiology, hearing aids, sleep apnea, voice disorders, allergy treatment and much more.

Our clinic serves downtown LA and the surrounding areas, and fosters ongoing education so our staff is constantly learning the latest and best treatments. At LAENT, you'll receive the best care in a personal, committed and professional environment.
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Address 1245 Wilshire Blvd Ste 603, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone (213) 977-1215
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What Our Patients Say

"Dr. Mintz saved my life!!!

She treated me with kindness, compassion and directness with the precision of her scalpel...AND with her scalpel. She discovered my cancer where other Docs had only been able to speculate. After several second opinions from west coast to east coast, I knew this was the expert that was leaps and bounds better than anyone in her field." - S.S.
"Dr. Mintz is FABULOUS! I've been having trouble hearing (especially in the mornings) due to wax build up and she just cleaned out my ears and it's like a whole new world! I can hear SO MUCH BETTER. For example, my keyboard sounds unbearably loud as I type this. She is so nice and professional - and she managed my anxiety very well (I was very concerned about her popping my ear drum by accident). Super highly recommended." - C.L.
"Just saw Dr. Clark today. Staff was great. He was really nice and down to earth. He even talked to me about juicing! I'm impressed that a western doctor was open to talking about diet affecting health. He was also sympathetic to the fact that i'm uninsured. Overall an extremely positive experience. Thank You!" -P.S.
"I really though my thyroid was going to kill me. And then I met LAENT and the wonderful and competent Dr Leah Mintz. She reassured me and calmed my fears and on June 28th she gave me back my life . During a four hour surgery she worked her magic. Twenty Four hours later she sent me home and I wasn't sick anymore.. It had been two years since I had felt like a human being and because of Dr. Mintz and Dr. Clark her associate I was normal again. She gave me a miracle, how can I be more grateful?" -S.S.
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