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Ringing or buzzing in the ears, known as Tinnitus, can be a frustrating experience. Because it has such an impact on daily life, people dealing with the condition often assume it is very serious. Fortunately, it can be treated. At the Los Angeles Center for Ear, Nose, Throat, and Allergy, our expert staff understand how disorienting and distracting Tinnitus can be and are prepared to help you get the treatment you need to get relief.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ringing in the ears and Tinnitus both the same condition?

If you are experiencing a ringing in your ears, it’s usually the case that Tinnitus is the cause. Most commonly, when people think of Tinnitus, they think of a ringing sensation, but patients have also reported hearing hissing, whistling, chirping, or other sounds.

For some of our Los Angeles Tinnitus patients, the noises are constantly present, while in other cases, they are more intermittent. The noise level or volume will also vary case-by-case, between barely perceptible and distractingly loud. Some patients found the ringing or other noise to be more present at night, potentially due to a reduction in normal auditory inputs while preparing to sleep.

What causes Tinnitus? Is the condition serious?

Tinnitus is very common, and research studies suggest that up to 50 million people in the US are affected by it. It can often occur alongside hearing loss, however, there are no studies supporting a link between these conditions.

An infection in the ear, as well as an ear blockage, can each cause Tinnitus. Another known cause is prolonged exposure to excessively loud noises. Tinnitus may also come about as the inner structures of the ear deteriorate from the natural aging process.

How is Tinnitus treated?

Tinnitus treatment options at LACENTA in Los Angeles will vary based on what is causing the condition. If an infection is the cause, treatment with antibiotics can help bring relief. For chronic Tinnitus resulting from prolonged exposure to loud noise, behavioral modification, including avoiding the sources of the loud noises, can help.

For anyone experiencing the condition, it's important to consult a specialist physician to determine the cause of the condition as the first step of treatment. In some rare cases, an abnormality or tumor in the blood vessels may bring about a sensation of buzzing or ringing in the ears. Here are some of the common options for treatment.

Other Tinnitus Remedies

Medication (Including Vitamin Supplements)

Because Tinnitus exists due to underlying conditions, diagnosing and treating the underlying condition can help reduce symptoms. While medications don’t provide a permanent cure, they can potentially lessen the intensity of the condition.

Medications are typically only used for severe cases, as they often come with other side effects, and these can sometimes be intense. While there haven’t been extensive research studies on the subject, there has been anecdotal evidence of alternative treatment options providing improvement, including zinc supplements and B vitamins. Because these treatments are low-risk, there is usually no harm in trying out these treatment options.

Masking Devices

Though Tinnitus is an internal sound that the body itself generates, external noises can help with covering up the internal sound. This treatment, known as sound masking, uses an external sound that can take priority over the internal sound, minimizing the irritation of the condition.

Masking devices often use pink or white noise or ambient noises such as nature sounds. There are specially made sound masking devices, but a patient can also improvise sound masking using fans, air conditioners, tabletop fountains, or other devices to create the same effect. Hearing aids can also help by amplifying the ambient noises to be louder than the internal noise.


Reconditioning sound therapy focuses on treating Tinnitus by using progressively modified sounds, reducing the priority of the Tinnitus sounds.

By presenting and then modifying sound frequencies that match the internal sounds, this treatment seeks to condition the hearing so that it accepts the internal sounds to be similar to the normal background noises of life. The internal sounds are still present, but these devices help to remove the perpetual perception and burden of the Tinnitus. The approach and technique will vary depending on the device used and are often accompanied by additional counseling and education.

Neosensory Duo

The Neosensory Duo uses the process of bimodal stimulation (two forms of stimuli) to teach the brain to ignore the phantom ringing of Tinnitus, bringing real, lasting relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

Users wear Neosensory's innovative Duo wristband while listening to a series of specified tones played through their app. The wristband contains a microphone and powerful vibratory motors that vibrate specific patterns for each tone but not for the wearer's specific Tinnitus tone. This teaches the brain that this noise is not real. Users who did the program for at least ten minutes a day found significant, lasting relief from Tinnitus in as little as two months.

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